The Right Insurance Policies for your Pets

No doubt that pets are vulnerable to several kinds of diseases, as a matter of fact the cause of treatment have been steadily increasing all the time. When your pets are insured properly, the cost related to its medication can be met without any problems with the expenses.  Pet insurance is attainable from different sources with various coverage plans and options.

Pet insurance can be used for injury treatment and sickness; other plans that come under the category of deluxe are intended to cover all types of illness/sickness.  Some pet insurance plans offer regular examinations of the pets. Probably, there are the reasons why pet insurance plans have become popular to the point that they cover acupuncture treatment, dental care and chiropractic care for the pets. A lot of the insurance companies cover cats and dogs under the category of pet insurance plans.

Today, some companies are also offering pet insurance coverage for exotic pets. When insuring pets like parrots, iguana or potbellied pigs suitable plans should be chosen to properly address the needs of your pets. Pet insurance policies are very similar to the health insurance plans that we humans have. There are exceptions for preexisting illness, limits for coverage, co pays, deductibles etc.

Occasionally, pet insurance plans dictate the owners of the pet to pay the care bills and veterinary fees before receiving any refund. It is recommendable to avoid insurance companies that have limited benefits of the insurance plans. Remember that when a price is set for a specific maximum level, the coverage policy will only allow the owner to spend till the set coverage regardless of the monetary value paid towards the medical expenses. This plan entitles the owner with very low deductibles, but demands high co-pay, which will be more expensive in the long run.

Insurance source:

The best way for anybody to get information about pet insurance is from the his/her veterinarians. Either they have the recommended right plan for the pet owner.  The internet can be an outlet of good information also, one thing that you should remember when researching is the policy coverage of the insurance (exclusion terms and conditions), benefits out of the insurance policy, financial standing, company reputation, history of disturbing money, processing claims and etc.

There should not be any fixed benefit period for your insurance policy as it may have a low and high deductible Co pay costs, which will not be appropriate for the pet owner. The policies should cover the MRI, X-rays, Cat scans, cancer treatments, specialists, hospitalizations, cost of medicines and any diagnostic testing.



Training The Dog To Come When It Is Called

Dogs love to go around stuffs that they find very interesting and more often than not, they wander farther away from you without minding their surroundings. You may hate to admit it, but surely you don’t want to be mortified in front of your friends or to the public if your dog responds only with a blank stare and much worse, if he pays no heed to your command

Training dogs about the come command or recall (as what most trainers call it) is very important. Although some dogs seem to be naturally inclined on this behavior, teaching this can be a tough job to an owner for most dogs. But at some point in time, the benefits will make it well worth the investment especially in matters of your dog’s safety. It will also be very reassuring in your part knowing that he readily responds when you call him. It is also an important skill for dogs that work as they must be at all times under total control, whether they are on leash or not.

How do you go about this?

You have to put in mind one big thing about dog training – Always assimilate fun and play in every training session, probably a few minutes before starting. It can do amazing things for the mindset of the dog and the owner alike. Furthermore, finishing the session with a moment of play time is a wonderful positive technique to end the lesson. This also helps the dog correlate obedience training with fun and not just a hard slog.

Leash Training Your Dog: The command to come and to stay when called are usually combined in obedience training, and they do go inherently together. Begin with the dog on a loose leash, ask the dog to sit and then gradually move away. If the dog starts to get up and adhere to you, go back to him and ask him to sit again. Continue the procedure until you can reach the end of the leash without the dog getting up

After you can reach the end of the leash consistently, try releasing the leash completely. It would be very much desirable that this will be done in a fenced yard. You can then start introducing him the recall command the moment the dog has perfected the stay command.

Start by taking the leash, and with the dog on the other end of the leash, say “come here” or “come”. Oftentimes, it is necessary to use an enticement when teaching this command. It can be any noticeable item that can catch his attention. This then serves as an excellent initial strategy for the on mastering the command. Repeat the process till the dog will unfailingly perform the commands. When the whole process is consistently achieved, gradually start presenting the concept when the dog is unleashed. Keep in mind that these training sessions must take place in a controlled and protected environment like a fenced yard.

An obedient, well-trained dog should give an immediate response to its owner regardless to where he is and what disruptions may happen. And by that, it would be crucial to challenge the dog with distractions of your own.

Invite a neighbor, preferably one who has a dog of his own to your house. Have him and the dog stand outside the fenced in area and repeat the recall command exercise with your dog unleashed. If the other dog becomes a disruption to him, leash him up and repeat the process. The ultimate aim here is to have your dog constantly pay attention to your instructions, regardless of whatever distraction that may occur.



In 2009, a Filipino policeman discovered an Askal (“askal” is a Tagalog-derived portmanteau of asong kalye, many have no owners, but some locals keep them as pets one lives in the streets) hiding in a locked shed. The dog was severely filthy, malnourished and harshly abused.

The kind policeman took him to the nearest pet sanctuary (Millama Wildlife Sanctuary), a place founded and run by PETA (an association promulgated to defend the rights of those brutally abused animals like dogs) which has one objective that is to care for sick and injured animals.  And so an incident of fate takes place that somehow changes the life of not only a dog and a person, but hundreds of other animals as well.

“When I first met Josh, you could tell he had been psychologically devastated but was a gentle dog by nature,” Rinandy said. “And soon, he began nurturing the other animals.” This trait of Josh makes him exceptional among the other dogs, this makes him extraordinary and that separates him from the rest of other dogs in the shelter.

Josh became well known for acting  motherly over the years to cats, puppies, goats cubs,  guinea pigs, chicks,  rabbits —and one of her favorites, a goose. Who would think that a male Askal will do this to the rest of the animals in that shelter? His act of mutual concern is unbelievable and something that human brain can’t fathom, not unless if you have the heart that sees what’s unseen by our naked eyes, I think it’s called heart felt preposition that intertwine knowledge to psychomotor predicaments of one’s heart and soul, and that’s something that Josh shows to the rest of the animals in that shelter.

“There are things that only a mother can provide, and Josh provided it,” said Rinandy.

Josh passed away in the summer of 2012, an event marked as a holiday by the organization in honor of his contribution to the sanctuary, which continues to care —if not with Josh’s personal style—for animals in need.

“His passing was so sad,” said Rinandy. “But he was a legendary animal, and his legacy continues.”

The Greatest Man In The World. I Teared Up Seeing How He Save This Abandoned Dogs Life.

If there’s one touching story to start this year off, then this is it. Found under a makeshift dog house, this abandoned dog wouldn’t have made it any longer if it wasn’t for the help of this great man. He treated him, fed him, and ultimately kept it as his own, saving the dog’s life. We need more people like this in the world.








Back to safety.










Having some snacks.






Don’t think I’ve seen a worse condition.





So skinny you can see it’s rib cages.


I wonder how long since he got a proper meal.



Incredible recovery.






Perfect health once again.




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Why I love a dog

ImageHaving a dog requires lots of patience, time, and work. You also need to have a serious commitment to take care of the dog and let him/her live the best he/she deserves. But are all of these ever get paid? Well, you just don’t notice it but Yes, it does. There are a lot of benefits of owning a dog.

·         Gives you the time to exercise

This is actually the best benefit of having a dog. Even if you feel like you don’t want to go outside, you are obliged to because your dog needs to have a walk. It’s like having someone to push you to move and get off the couch and have an exercise.

During weekends, I spend all of my time at the couch, eating popcorn, and watching the TV all day long but thanks to Bruce (my 4-month old german shepherd), I have the chance to get walks (I walk him twice), and visit the park. As we arrive in the park, he does chases that really eats up all my energy. Crazy Bruce!

·         Boosts your mood

After a long and tiring day from work, what more can you ask for when an adorable furry friend is more than happy to see you arrive? It’s like he never saw you for 2 years when it was only this morning  that he last saw you. Even though the boss and co-workers filled you with so much anger and disappointment, you would still find the time to smile when you get to think of how much your dog really misses you. In fact, studies have shown that it would only take 20-25 minutes of petting and playing with your dog to chance your mood and relax you.

There was this one time I had a fight with my neighbor, screaming and yelling to the extent and when I got home (still so mad and upset), Bruce was there, with his cute, sad puppy eyes, waiting for me at the door. I forgot my neighbor and I was tapping him in the back. Feels like he was able to hear and feel me that’s why he just stood there to make me feel alright.

·         Helps you have long life

Researches have been found out that having a dog lowers your blood pressure level and relieves stress. Because of this, for sure, you can live in this world much longer than those who don’t have dogs.

I remember my Dad’s dog, Bubbles. Even though we were really not in good terms, she keeps biting my shoes and jumps on me with his paws so dirty, I still do love her so much because I know for a reason she has been dad’s stress-reliever. She was always there when dad is upset, licking his feet just to show she understand the situation.

There’s more! Click Why I love a dog for more amazing stories that will surely make you love your dogs even more.

Why This Dog Goes To Church Every Week Broke Me Down. I Wish He Could Understand.

It’s not every day you’ll see a dog in church, but in the small town of San Donaci near Brindisi, Italy, it’s a regular occurrence. A 12 year-old German Shepherd named Tommy goes to Mass nearly every day and sits patiently by the altar. He goes there out of love, he is just waiting for his master. But the real story behind his reason will break your heart

The reason Tommy attends Mass at this church is because it’s where he last saw his owner.

The reason Tommy attends Mass at this church is because it's where he last saw his owner.

Her funeral was held here.

Her funeral was held here.

Now, he diligently waits for his master to come back. He curls up by the altar to wait for Maria.

Now, he diligently waits for his master to come back. He curls up by the altar to wait for Maria.

Tommy is there every day and waits patiently through all of the church services, keeping a silent watch and waiting for her.

Tommy is there every day and waits patiently through all of the church services, keeping a silent watch and waiting for her.

The loyalty and love dogs possess is unlike anything else in the universe. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see a dog like this in mourning.