My dog and I

This may be a little bit mushy, but I just want to let everyone know, I am obsessed with my dog.

10580139_681268178633500_7656090598916776834_nI am not that kind of knitting clothes for my dog or the one who usually posts pictures on Facebook when out with my dog (sometimes I do), but I maybe one of those few people who’s willing to give everything, even my life, for my dog.

Life is really good once you have a dog to come home to. Especially the day where you think like everything is falling apart or the world has turned its back on you. Fear not, dogs can be there for you.

Anyway, I would like to share to you some of the things why I love my dog so much.

  1. He was my first

I think you can still remember your first kiss, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend while you were still young. As a kid, I was really fond of dogs. My parents are trying all their best to dog-block me.  Meshach, also known as munchky, is now 5 yrs. Old. He was my first dog.

  1. He is my clown

People often see clowns only on children parties, right? But as for me, I see a clown every day. When I arrive at home from work, I see him running around the apartment with my underwear on his neck.
His “moves like jagger” never fail to make me smile whenever I tell him we go for a walk. He jumps around the sofa, study table, even on my computer table all day long. I usually feed him outside but there was one time, he was pulling with him a big bone and he hid it under the bed. (maybe he was saving it for tomorrow or something). What a very smart dog. I couldn’t imagine life without him. Or maybe I could, I think it would be very dull and lame.

  1. He does only one trick, but It’s the best!

Does your dog take a poop inside your house? Well mine doesn’t. He is technically not so good with playing catch or fetch. Does not even know how to play dead or roll over. But when it comes to taking poop outside his system, he only takes it out in only one place, his POOP box. I find him rushing and running around the apartment, probably crying. I was wondering why. Then I found out he was about to go and he can’t find his POOP b ox. He just wasn’t able to remember we left it outside since he had to take a poo right after we had a walk.

  1. He likes what I want him to wear

Some of my friends who have dogs usually find it hard to let their dog wear a shirt. They consume a lot of time chasing the dog or when they get the dog to wear it, after few minutes their dog tries to remove it out, or bite, or roll over in the dirt. As for me, I just ask him “what do you want to wear Meshach? This one or this one?” Then it’s all done.