In 2009, a Filipino policeman discovered an Askal (“askal” is a Tagalog-derived portmanteau of asong kalye, many have no owners, but some locals keep them as pets one lives in the streets) hiding in a locked shed. The dog was severely filthy, malnourished and harshly abused.

The kind policeman took him to the nearest pet sanctuary (Millama Wildlife Sanctuary), a place founded and run by PETA (an association promulgated to defend the rights of those brutally abused animals like dogs) which has one objective that is to care for sick and injured animals.  And so an incident of fate takes place that somehow changes the life of not only a dog and a person, but hundreds of other animals as well.

“When I first met Josh, you could tell he had been psychologically devastated but was a gentle dog by nature,” Rinandy said. “And soon, he began nurturing the other animals.” This trait of Josh makes him exceptional among the other dogs, this makes him extraordinary and that separates him from the rest of other dogs in the shelter.

Josh became well known for acting  motherly over the years to cats, puppies, goats cubs,  guinea pigs, chicks,  rabbits —and one of her favorites, a goose. Who would think that a male Askal will do this to the rest of the animals in that shelter? His act of mutual concern is unbelievable and something that human brain can’t fathom, not unless if you have the heart that sees what’s unseen by our naked eyes, I think it’s called heart felt preposition that intertwine knowledge to psychomotor predicaments of one’s heart and soul, and that’s something that Josh shows to the rest of the animals in that shelter.

“There are things that only a mother can provide, and Josh provided it,” said Rinandy.

Josh passed away in the summer of 2012, an event marked as a holiday by the organization in honor of his contribution to the sanctuary, which continues to care —if not with Josh’s personal style—for animals in need.

“His passing was so sad,” said Rinandy. “But he was a legendary animal, and his legacy continues.”


Author: Wilfred

I think, I read, I write, I discern, I criticize, I appreciate, I laugh, I mourn and I live.

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