Three Ways to Make Your House A Pet Friendly Zone

ImageAs a dog lover, I endow my dogs the right to enter to every area of my house. I also make it sure that my house is truly a pet-friendly zone because I want them to enjoy the space we have to offer. However, there are homes that are not a pet-friendly even though animals live there. With that, here are the some of the things that can be done to perfectly set a home for your furry friends.

A space of their own

Most of the dogs are clingy, and loves to be nuzzled against us most of the time. So, on the rare instances they do what they want to do to be alone in their own spaces. In our home, we have two areas that are just intended for them. There is one in the living room and one in the dining room. These areas either have a dog pillow, dog blanket and of course a dog bed in a corner where they can lie down and relax.

Wet and slippery floors – there are people who will not change their floor covering for a pet, but wet and slippery floors are the common cause of accidents in most pets,  I own  a 5-year-old  golden retriever who has had an ACL knee surgery, so I must change the covering of  floor because he can re-injure herself.  This should be done to prevent her from slipping on our hardwood floors; I got non-slip rugs (it’s an easy fix) to put down for him to walk on and it will make your home safer for your dog.

Remove temptations

This wouldn’t be an issue for older dogs, but for a puppy it is very important. Puppies don’t understand why certain things aren’t good for play. And this in one way causes perilous consequences   if you don’t know how to handle the problem. It is why it is important to keep them away from electrical socks and cords and small home decorations that can be broken or chewed. Keeping them away from all these enticements will keep your dog safe from a lot of aggravation.

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Author: Wilfred

I think, I read, I write, I discern, I criticize, I appreciate, I laugh, I mourn and I live.

3 thoughts on “Three Ways to Make Your House A Pet Friendly Zone”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article, I am glad to read it. I hope it can help not just me, but also to those who are dog lovers. 🙂 Be responsible enough for adopting dogs, love them as dogs not as human. 😛

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