I never figured out what kind of dog was Snowball. The best way to describe him is to take every dog you have ever heard of and mix them together, there you have it, Snowball. Mommy used to say that he was so ugly that he couldn’t pass for a dog contest. He was ugly but he was mine and I loved Snowball.

I was born and raised in a little town in Texas. When I was about nine, I saw a man put a puppy out on the side of the road. I ran and picked that puppy up right away before the man could change his mind. Mom wasn’t really happy about but I was her favorite, so yes, I had me a dog. Yes sir, I had me a real dog. I then named him Snowball.

As Snowball grew up, he developed a real interest in people. It was election time at our town. Coincidentally, two men who were running for Mayor went to our house. Snowball went to one of them real quick and tried to bite the other one. Everyone laughed and told him that a dog wouldn’t vote for him. The funny thing is, Mr. Smith really got elected. Pretty soon everyone that ran for some office started coming around to see Snowball. If he liked them, they usually got elected. One day Mr. Smith said that Snowball should run for office because by now everyone loved Snowball. I bet he would have been elected.

I had to leave Snowball and go off to college. Before completing college, Dad called and told me to get home in a hurry because Snowball was real sick. By the time I got home Snowball could barely lift his head. I sat in the floor holding his head with tears falling like a little girl. I didn’t care because Snowball was my dog but mostly my best friend. Snowball drew his last breath about daylight the next morning. I knew that I would never be as happy as we once were but I also know that Snowball is running and playing in Heaven.

Dad then went and dug the grave and when I walked out the door with Snowball in my arms and tears streaming, there stood half the people from around town. They all stayed for the burial and they were crying too. I guess it is true people can love an ugly dog, my Snowball.

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Author: Wilfred

I think, I read, I write, I discern, I criticize, I appreciate, I laugh, I mourn and I live.

8 thoughts on “MY DOG’S STORY”

  1. What a wonderful story. A great example that the outward appearance does not matter, it is what is inside that counts. There is nothing to compare to the bond between us and our beloved dogs or other furries that our lives are blessed with. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Beautiful story! I think Snowball was an incarnated angel and you had a message to be there right at the time the man put him out. You were meant to be together.

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