Alfred’s story

When Alfred came into our house, we didn’t really plan of having another dog in our lives. The animal shelter was growing too crowded, so we said yes when they said they’ll let Alfred stay for a couple of days until they find him a permanent owner.

I have been with 5 breeder dogs and they were all fine. This is my first time to take care of a rescue dog. At first I was hesitant because they say rescue dogs have one problem in common, behavioral issues. During his first 3 weeks, he was very hard to dwell with. He kept running and jumping around anything but he won’t come for a jog or a walk in the park. He was so hard to tame and control. He also doesn’t want to be left alone in the house. He keeps crying and barking, so we really had a hard time trying to take turns on who’s to stay in the house even if we all have work.

But as the days go by, things began to change. One time, he was at the door, waiting for someone to take him outside. He was so excited to go outside that as soon as the door opened, he jumped right at the doorstep. I don’t know but maybe something or somewhat changed him.

He was starting to act so good. He became affectionate and kind. He was so loving and sweet and really wanted to be a part of the growing family. Maybe he began to feel that this family is awesome. That what we do are all for his sake, and intend no harm.

Alfred made me and my family happy. He changed my perception about rescue dogs, thought they were so annoying and everything. When I got married, I took Alfred with me. After a month, my parents decided they too want a rescue dog. I guess he really changed our lives. Alfred is now 8 years old, and I’m just thinking maybe his time is almost up. One thing’s for sure, if ever God will take him away, there’s always another dog in the shelter waiting to be taken care of.