Reasons I’ll Choose a Dog over a Boyfriend

I am, since I was still 7 years old, a dog lover. I don’t know why but I think I am just so obsessed with dogs. Even at parties, when dogs are around, I am a girl who plays and pet with them rather than socialize with other guests. I have a Japanese Spitz (Kana is the name) and I wish I could have more (just not right for the budget).

We got Kana last April and the first days she spent with us were really disastrous. She was really a big pain-in-the-ass. But then again, we extended our patience, trained and molded what she is now. I think I’m starting to remember all the good things and benefits she has provided!

1.       She relaxes us

Many studies have out that playing and petting with your dog can actually lower your blood pressure levels. Other studies showed that spending lots of time with your dog can increase levels of oxytocin in your body, a hormone that helps fight out stress.

Kana has been our baby (since our youngest sister is already 21 years old) from that day we decided to have her. She keeps running at the back, destroys the plants taken care by mom, jumps on the pond, and many other things she just wants to do on the backyard. For sure we’ll get mad at her, chasing her with a stick, but as soon as we cornered her, we would then play with her rather than spank her with the stick. All the madness gone out, turning into relaxation once we start to cuddle and play.

2.       She encourages social interactions (especially with the opposite sex)

Every time I try to walk her around the park, there will always be that other guy who would try to make a conversation. Like starting out with “What breed is your dog?” or “Look how cute your dog is, looks kinda like the owner?” “Like what did you say? So you’re telling me I look like a dog?” That would then be my answer. Hahaha It just feels so good walking Kana around the park or just around the block since she can always start a friendly interaction with other dogs and probably their owners too.

3.       She keeps me in shape

Walking Kana all around the block kinda eats up all my energy. All the chases when here rope slips off my hands, I can still remember I was able to do that 50-meter sprint just to prevent her from going to the kids playing in the park. That was kinda shy

These are just little things but I’m sure there are still plenty I miss to say. So what are you waiting for? It still isn’t too late, get a dog and have the chance to experience the best things a dog has to offer!