‘On Trust’ & ‘Paid For’: The Oldest Dog Tricks that Never Fail to Entertain

 “On Trust” & “Paid For” are one of the oldest dog tricks that give as much amusement as anything a dog can do since the age of yore in 1900s. Considerably it is not the easiest trick to be taught but can be explained on and presented in numerous different forms to impress most people.

For you to teach this trick you have to call your dog, allowing him to sit down or stand up, as he desires, and make sure that you hold his head steady with one hand, while you make a piece of treat on his nose.

Say the words, “On trust, on trust,” to him steadily and try to restraints his head from moving with one hand and holding up a frightening finger with the other and echoing the words, “On trust, on trust”.

Once done, release his head and say “paid for,” while giving him a little chuck under the chin that will push him to toss the treat up and catch it. Obviously, in his first attempts he cannot catch the treat, but he should still be given the chance to eat the treat after it lands on the floor.

The incessant repetition of this training will yield efficiency. Over time you should stop restricting his head with your hand and let him to set scales on the treat on his nose up until you told him the words “Paid for.”

You can also teach him to hold the treat between using his teeth and not to swallow it until told to do so. You can do this trick impressive by holding a dialogue with your dog. For example, you might say: “Buddy, old man, here is a very yummy piece of treat, but it is ‘on trust.’”

Make a slight emphasize on the word “trust” and proceed and say: “I am glad you dislike eating things on trust, but this I have just learned has been ‘paid for,’” highlighting the words “paid for.”

He can also be taught to toss the treat by hearing a definite number. To do this, balance it on his nose while you hold his head and count deliberately, one, two, three, and then chuck him under the chin. Until such time that he had a great deal of practice, then it would be easy to toss up promptly at one, two, four, as he will at one, two, three, but he must be coached until he will not toss it until he hears “three,” this will make it a lot easier for him to understand the emphasize on the THREE” word.

You can use different combinations of figures and he will patiently wait until you say the emphasized “three.” In working him do not make it too long wait for you say “three,” and allow him to eat the treat.

“Trust” and “Paid For” dog tricks are substantially difficult to master and necessitates patience from you. Remember, you don’t the right to punish your dog if he wasn’t able to master the trick, rather than blame your dog for being a slow learner. 🙂 In most cases, enjoy the trail and have lots of fun along the way.


Author: Wilfred

I think, I read, I write, I discern, I criticize, I appreciate, I laugh, I mourn and I live.

7 thoughts on “‘On Trust’ & ‘Paid For’: The Oldest Dog Tricks that Never Fail to Entertain”

  1. I like this. I have taught our dog to “wait for it . . . wait for it . . . Take it!” I learned this last weekend that she will do it with a ball perched on her nose and between her eyes. It’s quite impressive!

      1. really? good to know that, at least I can attest that what I’m saying is real. Actually, this trick is very easy you just have to be patient and kind when training your pooch.

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