A Pet’s Tale: Keeping Animals Safe

ImageThe saying “it’s a dog’s life” should not be taken literally. Nowadays, animals are protected by state and federal laws and have been given special rights that help keep them safe. In addition, in the recent years many people are closer with their pets, with the number of sayings that considering animals as part of the family. In fact, a day in the every life of a pet may involve visiting salon or pet parlor, being wearing a jewel-encrusted collar-quiet and carried in a designer bag which is a different story 100 years ago.

Seem far-fetched? On normal, a dog owner says he spent more than $263 on their four-footed friends in the past 12 months (this excludes the food expenses). One reason for the growth of animals’ quality of life is the various animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) this organization aimed to change the way people treat and think about their pets. Celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, the organization is the oldest animal welfare association in the Western Hemisphere. This year marks its yearlong celebration highlighting the progress that has been made for animal’s welfare since it was founded by a New York City socialite in 1866.

This marks a milestone to the organization; they will be launching the most aggressive initiative program to date, working around the different states in United States making it as a “Humane Community.” The said program aimed to bring community closer together in ensuring that no adoptable animal is euthanized for reasons of behavior or medical issues.

The new initiative aimed to increase the number of adoptable shelters for animals.  While reducing the number of unwanted litters being born each year. Moreover, the organization’s “Meet-Your-Match” program is being restored and will more efficiently pair new pet owners. The organization plans to expand its Humane Law Enforcement Department as well, authorizing for more investigations for any form of animal cruelty.

“While our 140th year is gearing up to be one of unprecedented growth, it is our sincerest hope that the further we get from our date of inception, the closer we come to being an organization that is no longer needed-that our work will have permeated society to the point that the rights of companion animals will be second nature to everyone,” said Ed Sayres, president & CEO, the ASPCA.

There are more than 140 million pet cats and dogs in the U.S.


Author: Wilfred

I think, I read, I write, I discern, I criticize, I appreciate, I laugh, I mourn and I live.

4 thoughts on “A Pet’s Tale: Keeping Animals Safe”

  1. There is still a long way to go before animals are treated as humanely as they deserve, though admittedly it is much much better that it ever was, good post.

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