Let Your Dogs Have their Break Too

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While traveling can be fun and rewarding, it can leave you with a dilemma that is to either look someone to tend for your dogs while you are away or leave the dog in the local kennel. However, leaving your best friend to someone you can be uncomfortable and worrisome as well as leaving your dog in a cage as this proves to be a scary experience for the dogs and guilty for your part.

If you cannot decide which among the two or if you don’t find the two choices favorable, then you can opt for another route. You can opt to have your dogs stay in home dog boarding. This allows dog owners including you to find a trusted, dependable and insured dog sitter around your area.

Choosing this alternative means no more kennels and cages that can make you uncomfortable. This also means no guilt feeling for you knowing your “best friend” is in good and expert hands. In return, you get to enjoy your vacation fully with peace of mind.

Not only your dog is in the care of expert hands, you will also enjoy the following:

Your dog gets sufficient attention by an expert

Dog lovers sympathize with their fellow dog lovers that is why you are rest assured that your dog is well taken care of. This is because the dog sitter would definitely treat your dog as if it was his own making a smoother transition for your pet. Being leashed or even put into cage can make your dog uncomfortable and raises their stress levels. You don’t want to go home with an anxious dog, do you? Boarding your dog a warm home provides that welcoming environment like that of your home.

Your dogs socialize and get a workout
If you opt to have your dog in a kennel, oftentimes, dogs come back from the kennel anxiously and with too much energy since they are only given few hours to play. If your dogs are boarded in a home, they get to roam around freely. Dog sitters also take dogs for daily hikes in the park or in different places.

If you are the type who just cannot leave their dogs at home or who are uneasy leaving their pets with someone else, then home boarding may be your best option. This is just like hitting two birds with one stone. You enjoy your vacation while your dog meets new friends and go through differentexperience.

source: http://www.hundido.com


Author: Wilfred

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11 thoughts on “Let Your Dogs Have their Break Too”

  1. I agree with you – leaving your dog where he is at home is certainly less stressful all round. We have done this since we could not find kennels that we were happy with and then we took in a rescued dog who had a separation anxiety and this worked well for him. We could never have taken him to a kennel.

  2. Great advice! There is also the option of taking your dog with you, depending on the type of getaway. More and more cities are becoming “pet-friendly” as far as pet-friendly hotels, local dog parks and even pet-friendly restaurants (though those are more common in the summer months). Here in St. Louis, there is a plethora of pet-friendly activities available. When you have this option, it is much more cost effective and your dog gets to experience your vacation with you!

  3. In the past I have been able to get a trusted friend to stay at my home and take care of my pets (and house sit), but I no longer have anyone I can count on. So, I have been taking them with me. However, my big dog is old and arthritic and I am facing a dilemma of going to visit my children and having to take both my dogs with me. I am considering going to the Vet to get him some tranquilizers to make his trip more comfortable. Any suggestions?

  4. A fairly new dog-sitting company was set up by somebody in our village. Its really awesome, for Christmas we received a custom Burt (our dog) calendar, with great photos of him on walks for every month! It was my favourite gift of Christmas.

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